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An innovative platform for commercial repairs and maintenance work. No matter how big or small the job is, Kandooi will help you get it done for the most competitive price and as quickly as possible.

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what's it all about?

Save time and money finding the right tradie for the job, based on your preferences. You’ll also reduce company overheads, with real time project updates and less paperwork.

Our easy to use software streamlines the entire process, from getting multiple quotes, to generating invoices and payment on work completion. We also help contractor companies seamlessly manage Kandooi job scheduling.

All Kandooi contractors have their pre-certifications and insurances monitored regularly by our admin team. They’re also selected based on skill, communication and delivery. It keeps our community honest and professional.

how kandooi works

a message from the directors

We’ve heard from dozens of companies that complain about how hard it is to find good tradies when they need them. Many site managers feel they are at the mercy of contractors, who are in such high demand, they call the shots when it comes to price and availability. 

We believe Kandooi will disrupt the commercial trade services market. Our innovative platform will encourage industry competitiveness and put power back in the hands of the client. 

Tradies see the value of being part of our strong, growing network of contractors. Particularly because of the lucrative jobs they now have the opportunity to win. 

Our clients appreciate how effortless it is to centralise all repairs and maintenance work under the one hub. 

We hope you’ll join us, because the more businesses we can sign up on both ends, the better a working community it will become!

frequently asked questions

If you’re a contractor group looking for work, create a company profile on the Kandooi server. It will ask you to upload required pre-certification and insurance documents. Any staff who carry out Kandooi jobs will need to download the iOS or Android app.

If you’re a business or organisation needing work done, set up a company profile on the Kandooi server. Site managers will need to download the app in order to lodge job requests and approve them once complete.

The Kandooi software, including the app is FREE. Once a job has been completed and approved for payment, a small Kandooi service fee is added to the agreed offer price.

Contractor groups will be asked to supply ABN and bank details when setting up a company profile. Once a job is completed and approved, the agreed offer amount is automatically transferred from the client to your selected account, via secure Australian online payment system Pin Payments

Yes. All contractor companies must supply their own insurance details on their company profile, which is monitored by Kandooi’s admin team.

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It’s simple. It’s free to sign up and download the app. Once you experience how easy it makes getting work done, you won’t go back.

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